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Durex G-Spot @ Sziget Festival

Durex G-Spot @ Sziget Festival

People come to Sziget to enjoy the Island of Freedom, to have fun and to experience multiculturality. So Durex’s role is to remind festival-goers, in all that madness, protection is important and safety is fun. How? With a big G-Spot tower with contextual messages about love, fun & protection. Durex spoke on their own language but introduced a new variable in this fun and liberty philosophy – the importance of safety.


Durex Hungary


What are festivals if not a form of life celebration? Besides multiculturalism, when you say “festival”, you say music, love and freedom in all its forms: of movement, of expression, of mind. People go to festivals to enjoy themselves and sometimes they happen to forget their own limits.

A place that is all about love, freedom, pleasure and togetherness seemed like the place to be for a brand like Durex, that also values these, but it was, in the same way, a big challenge to talk about safety in a context of fun and liberation. In a place where people go to have fun and experience new things, how to get this message noticed and how to make it relevant?

Durex had to remember people about safety and protection in such a way that couldn’t pass unnoticed. So we brought the G-Spot at the festival! In physical form, big, magnificent, impossible to miss. Together with a cool bar, a lounge area and dozens of customized messages related with love, freedom, protection and safety, a light tower of 18 meters high, from the top of which, people could see the world below in the beautiful colors of Sziget. A place that naturally became a landmark at the festival.


The G-Spot

Durex G-Spot Tower was 18 meters tall, covered in 144 sqm LED lights net and spread over a 45 sqm surface, with a DJ platform on top. The activation also consisted in a bar, a lounge area and a G-Spot Photo Corner, where people could catch the moment and make memories. Sampling was part of the activation too and during the 7 days of festival, 400 Durex products were given away.

Second stage with contextual tower mesSZages

A festival also needs a place for after-party. So we created it! We had our own stage, a huge tower with a DJ platform installed on top of it, a dance floor and a selfie window. In this safe place of the festival we had contextual messages that remembered people about safety and protection.

Digital trigger

In order to make people curious about Durex and Sziget partnership, we needed to keep them updated on brand’s social media profiles – Facebook and Instagram. We also ran a contest having people photograph their favorite message on the tower and share them, in order to increase the engagement.

Interactive LED Display

We thought that since a festival connects people through music, the G-Spot Tower should be connected to music too. We linked the sound coming from the speakers of the main stage and from our DJ cabin with the LED net and we made the tower act as a true real time sound equalizer.