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Minio and Jacobs broke the ice and reinvented coffee consumption during summer with the Hot&Cool campaign. Jacobs aimed to educate the public on coffee consumption, hot or cold, regardless of the season.


JDE Mixes


Jacobs is a heritage brand that delivers a wide variety of coffee solutions in its mixes portfolio, however, it is losing market territory to its competitors. Jacobs needed the campaign to get closer to the younger audience.

During summer, coffee consumption drops as consumers migrate to fresher options like cocktails and juices. This is why Jacobs is proposing to find an alternative by removing coffee from this consumption stereotype.

Youngsters have an increased preference for coffee specialties, so we showed them new ways to drink their coffee, either hot or cold. A gamification platform was the main component in digital, as the campaign had also a very strong in-store communication due to a national promo campaign.


Games and Content

We have created two games, both from scratch. With an average of 10 minutes of time on games, we believe we did a great job. Even more, we have developed weekly quizzes and almost daily articles, in order to inspire consumers to engage with our platform.

In-Store Activation

Unconventional coffee executions were placed in-store for extra visibility. Consumers could also enjoy the taste of coffee and try new recipes in the sampling promo area.

Bloggers inspired coffee

We have read hundreds of articles from 50 blogs. With this knowledge, we created 50 different coffee recipes, each inspired by the blogs’ personality. Espresso based if the content was strong and raspberry-infused if the content was fancy.

Media campaign

Multiple online media assets, OOH formats, TVC and split screens were customized so the campaign will get extra coverage and reach to consumers.