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#NOEXCUSE Campaign

#NOEXCUSE Campaign

JYSK, the Scandinavian furniture and home products retailer, supports the Romanian National Paralympic Committee, being the main sponsor. Our challenge was to communicate this image association. 2 prizes (Gold & Diploma) were won with this campaign at PR Award 2018.




Inactivity is one of the leading causes of obesity, respiratory, heart and nutrition problems worldwide. According to Eurostat, only 6% of Romanians practice a sport regularly. According to P&G, almost half of the children in Romania do not play sports at all.

The reasons for inactivity are basic excuses: lack of time, lack of a partner in sport, infrastructure, motivation or money. How can we convince Romanians to take up sports given the fact that, historically speaking, we were never a nation educated in health through sport?

We looked at the Paralympics for inspiration. If they cand do it despite the physical barriers, anybody can do it. We invited Arian Notrețu, Gabriela Constantin and Filip Ghiorghi to join #nicioscuză team and help us carry the #noexcuse manifesto further.


Manifesto pledges

The website features a custom manifesto that users could fill in with their excuses and pledge to take up sports and share the results.

Influencer interviews

Dana Rogoz, Lucian Mândruță and Ciprian Muntele promoted the campaign after they got the chance to train with the Paralympics. The influencers generated over 600 shares.

What is your excuse?

Online, users could choose among the 8 most frequent excuses for not practicing a sport. For each one, they could see a video with a paralympic athlete, inspiring them to drop that specific excuse.

Large media coverage

In just a few days, the campaign took an incredible turn and it soon spread in the traditional media. Almost 750,000 viewers watched 47 minutes of TV material about the campaign. Without any media budget.