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Diana Cobzaru.

Junior creative strategist

Junior creative strategist

Young and ready to craft creative strategies for your business – her name is Diana, our new Junior Creative Strategist. Although she is new at Minio, she quickly got the hang of what structuring a communication strategy is all about and now she’s giving us the exact amount of inspiration we all need to solving our briefs creatively.

Hi! I’m Diana, that Junior Creative Strategist who can bring out the problem-solving big guns, even though I’m still learning. When I get a brief, I study it closely, then I start researching and brainstorming until I find the ideas that will best fit the issue.

Diana has studied Advertising at UBB Cluj-Napoca, but that’s not where all this creativity comes from. She’s been passionate about theater ever since high school and she has got the creative eye of an interior designer. The result of this mix? An up-and-coming Creative Strategist, capable of delivering complex strategies – from finding the best solution to the brief to creative executions. Although new at Minio, she’s got quite some experience with advertising. She’s a graduate of Alternative School for Creative Thinking, as well as ADC School, and she has participated in the European Advertising Festival Eurobest.
Some clients she has worked for: Kellogg’s, Podravka (Lino Lada & Eva), Viper, Fuchs, Floriol, Aptamil, Brand Minds.

Presentation Skills 00%

Digital Aficionado 00%

New Trends Scouter 00%

Good vibes 00%