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Our team is our pride and our internal headline is “Building greatness together”. And we truly believe this.

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Ioana Mucenic, CEO of Minio, says the Romanian advertising has reached the opposite end of reality: cheerful, optimistic, and warm. And as the story in the title shows, the reasons lie in the arms of both agencies and clients. "True creativity ends up becoming a luxury of those who can afford it," she says. The FIBRA Awards want to make that luxury a common good. Well, not quite. But at least get past the wishful thinking stage and into the local reality. If you know what we're talking about, you're wanted here. Status The large number of awards at Cannes and other festivals

In the last two to three years, I have noticed a trend towards packaging or seasonal products. More and more, manufacturers are looking to differentiate themselves through products dedicated to the season, and not just through promotions for which they add some bunny ears. This is a healthy approach, which also indicates the market's maturing in the promotional offerings segment. What isn't evolving as much as I would have liked is the promo mechanics. The volume still comes from discounts and promotional packs and gift boxes, and less from inventive concepts and cross-promo between relevant brands. At this time, point-of-sale execution