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Hello, Romania!

Hello, Romania!

The launch of the Japanese brand Miniso in Romania represented a creative activation which organically involved 25 influencers from various categories (depending on the type of Miniso products), having so the biggest number of influencers involved in a Miniso shop launch.




On the Romanian market there are a lot of retailers and online shops that sell toys, cosmetics and home items so in the context of Miniso shop launch we talk about a significant competition. Moreover, people’s perception of Chinese stuff is not a positive one.

Retailers market in Romania is fragmented and the entrance of a new market player represents a challenge every time. Miniso was considered that brand that has cute stuffed toys, without people knowing about the variety of the products they offer.

In order to make buzz, we used Kim as endorser, the company’s HR Manager. He launched a video invitation for 25 influencers so they would visit the first Miniso shop in Romania. To create the video content that served us as promoting material for 3 months, we relied on the humour that came from the person’s effort of pronouncing the name of the influencers correctly.


25 unpaid influencers

Beauty, sport and technology influencers organically joined the campaign after receiving the customized message.

Unique and authentic launch communication

We bet on a creative activation with customized messages for the influencers from the Miniso's HR Manager.

Facebook content used in order to increase the activity on page

We used online communication in order to keep the public interested and engaged.

Mostly video content

We integrated video content in the campaign in order to make it more dynamic and attractive.