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Hochland Sandwichfest

Hochland Sandwichfest

Hochland planned to make an extensive national promotional umbrella campaign that sheds light on one of its classic products: pressed cheese. Sandwich Fest invited consumers to redefine the classic sandwich by discovering new recipes. The first edition explored the sandwich recipes around the world and the second edition was centered around the gourmet experience of the food truck universe.




Hochland needed to uplift the pressed cheese category that is a rather functional one that triggers low emotional engagement from consumers.

During the past years, consumers tend to praise street food versus homemade solutions and the pressed cheese was probably in the bag of ”meh” options because it somehow entered a routine of home consumption.

Sandwich Fest featured as a festival of different tastes and textures. It was the solution to disrupt the sandwich from the morning consumption routine. The message was supported by in-store communication materials, TV spots, website, BTL events, online communication and special media projects.


Sandvisfest Food Trucks

Sandvisfest Food Trucks meant 5 trucks with a brand new menu for the campaign. They created new Hochland recipes and they sold them as part of our event. The project had a caravan format, moving from retailer to retailer.

In-Store Activation

We turned the classic sampling booth into a food truck with unique mini-sandwiches offered as sampling. They were prepared by professional chefs. The in-store component was nation-wide.

Digital Campaign

The project website allowed users to register for instant prizes. They could also find recipes, the program for the caravan, as well as a cool incentive – discount vouchers for Philips products.


The campaign also had a TVC component, with an animation-based script. It was created locally, entirely by our team.