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When it comes to baby formula, doctors are the most important influencer. So how can we inspire mothers to consider our Milupa Milumil? Our mission was to create an emotional bond between Milupa and new mothers, while also highlighting the core SKUs.




Milupa Milumil is a strong brand, with 90 years of heritage on research and innovation. But in Romania, other competitors are more prominent, so Milupa was losing some ground. Their core message “Happiness starts in the tummy” was not winning mothers’ hearts.

We were able to pinpoint the problem during a design-thinking process that we conducted. Our interviews and empathy maps unveiled a strong insight: they feel that they are the only ones that truly understand their baby's needs and wants.

Our campaign was simply named #MOMKNOWS and it was built on two micro-moments of great importance: first steps and first teeth. The campaign included multiple digital executions, as well as a new website with educational materials and, moms’ favorite – baby food menus.


Baby Menus

Because diversification is a tension point in motherhood, we reached to a nutritionist to create 10 optimal food menus.

Did you know…

A collection of easy-to-read articles, as well as infographics, were well-appreciated by moms.

Digital campaign

Over 300 digital materials were created for this campaign – from search to ads, banners, videos and special executions.

Social Media

Club Milupa Facebook page was restructured, so we could increase our engagement with the community.