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Tefal Club

Tefal Club

Cooking enthusiasts community is growing at fast pace. So how could we connect Tefal brand with these exciting new type of consumer?




Tefal is a world-famous cookware brand, well-known on the local market, also. While everybody has a Tefal pan in the house, the competition on the kitchen appliances is tougher then ever. Our mission was to create a community of cooking enthusiasts, under the form of a loyalty club.

In a period of time with so many loyalty cards, cooking events and offers, why would people register to our Club? We needed to find those clear elements of differentiation and engagement.

We have launched the club under the “Chef să fii chef” (“The mood of a chef”) communication platform and created a long-time partnership with Adrian Hădean, a much loved Romanian chef. The communication is ongoing, with monthly campaigns for over a year.


Loyalty program

We have created the identity and overall concept of Club Tefal, with a mind to the future development. This is not a one-time project, but a strategic communication platform

Strong endorsement

Chef Adrian Hădean is our charismatic ambassador, promoting the club and providing us with unique recipes, especially created for Tefal community.

Monthly campaign

The Club has a life of its own, with monthly campaigns and newsletters. The website is always updated with new recipes, new products in the catalogs and Tefal innovations.


The launch included a large promotional campaign, with guaranteed prizes, as well as raffle.