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Westers’ community

Westers’ community

Turning 10 years old on the market was the best opportunity for West Gate to launch a redesign and repositioning campaign, in the context of the booming real estate market, including here the student accommodation segment. We considered these circumstances a prospective danger, so we positioned West Gate as a valid choice on the market, starting from the idea that it’s the biggest private campus in the country and an opportunity maker for students. We built a community and gave their students a name - #Westers - and triggered the feeling of belonging in a very cool place.


West Gate


Every year, students are looking for better accommodation solutions. Their standards are getting higher and the real estate market gets more and more crowded over time. But none of the accommodation offers is particularly special or have the ability to commit to them in such a way that they consider to remain there for longer time.

West Gate’s challenge was showing people that it is not “just another” private campus. Even if their facilities were great, not many people knew about them. And among so many accommodation offers on the market, they could have easily get lost, anyway.

We gave people who live in West Gate a name – Westers – and a reason of belonging in a young, cool community, with people who have the same interests as them and with whom they share the same values and ideas. We created 6 typologies of Westers and let students identify themselves with one of these by creating a quiz that helped them find out what kind of Wester they are.


People, especially the young ones, love the idea of belonging to a group. This is why building a community where students feel they belong was a great idea. So, we gave the residents a name – Westers and created 6 possible typologies students can relate to. This gave Westers a reason of networking and made them feel more connected to each other, just like a community works.

What kind of #Wester are you?

We created an online quiz on the campaign’s dedicated landing page and challenged the students to find their matching typology, out of the possible six. To motivate them, we ran a contest on the community’s Facebook group, challenging the residents to show us the result and tag a friend in the comments. The results are more than good, almost 500 Westers completed the quiz.

The influencers gang

We aimed to make students feel that they belong to this very cool place, so we made the communiction more authentic. We chose 5 micro influencers of our target’s age and involved them in a photoshooting, in order to promote the campus benefits on a specially created Landin Page. We took this further to Social Media, where the posts on West Gate’s and the influencers’ SM accounts reached over 200k people organically.

We took the example of international Universities that create merchandise students love to get and wear. So, we created the Wester pack, that included a tote bag, a card holder and stickers, that we offered to students as a welcoming gift. We added a flyer that sent them to the Landing Page, where they could find the quiz and a student guide and designed a entrance bracelet for the beginning of the year party.