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Cosmina Chelariu.

Junior copywriter

Cosmina is a minimalist and that’s what makes her a great copywriter: she uses the perfect amount of words to write amazing texts.

As a copywriter, she works for many different clients and has to do a lot of research but that comes out easily when you’re as curious as Cosmina is.


Hi! I’m Cosmina and the keyboard is my favorite playground. I love the diversity of the brands I work with and I believe that one of the things that helps me with my job is my both analytic and creative thinking. Would you let me choose what to tell your customers?

My job is also my hobby, Cosmina often says. You can tell how passionate she is by reading her texts. She’s one of the funniest members of our team and always has her good vibe on.
What we love the most about Cosmina is that her inspiration comes from what she reads, along with her two other muses: social media and pop culture. So it’s pretty hard to catch her in a moment when she lacks it.
Her hobbies include watching pug videos (seriously, who doesn’t love pugs?), reading, sleeping and visiting the most stylish coffee shops in Bucharest.
Some clients she is working for:
Durex, Vanish, Scholl, Dettol, Mondelez, Salatini, Rowenta, Sun Plaza, JYSK, Jacobs, Westgate.

Creative Writing 00%

Analytic thinking 00%

Coffee rating 00%

Humour 00%