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Ioana Mucenic.


Ioana has been an entrepreneur since she was 22. She is passionate about innovation and business strategy. In the last 13 years, she created and implemented thousands of advertising campaigns, from concept to execution, both in Romania and at regional level. She is demanding, yet fair.


Hello! I am Ioana, partner and CEO at Minio. I am looking forward to winning my place in the advertising history, by creating bold and effective campaigns.

When she was 22, Ioana founded an ad agency, together with a partner of same age. Ten years later, she decided to start a new road, leaving the old agency to create a better one. Ioana has a strong professional know-how in marketing and advertising and an incredible intuition for business. She is a member of Charted Institute of Marketing, as a marketer certified in: Innovation & Change Management, Strategic Marketing and Managing Marketing.
She also owns an European Advertising Certificate, as well as a license of being a professional trainer. For years, she had been a speaker in many major business conferences, while she is also a guest writer for the Progresiv magazine.
Her desire is to develop an agile and innovative agency, which is capable to keep up with the increasingly complex marketing landscape. For this, she is developing dedicated work methodologies and offers constant training for her team.

Business acumen 00%

Strategy 00%

Creativity 00%

Inner Strength 00%