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Teodora Mihale.

Account executive

Teodora is our youngest Account but her passion and curiosity help her keep up with the new trends in advertising.

Her inspiration comes from the people around her and we are always flattered to see what a good job she does since she joined our team!

Account executive

Hi! I’m Teodora and my greatest belief is that advertising can indeed change the world. Why? Because you always find ways to think unconventionally and get creative. So, if you want to change the world, just brief me!

After three years of organizing and managing events, Teodora has decided to take the challenge of managing clients. She’s brilliant at doing this, having developed her critical thinking and organizational skills. One of her greatest passions is writing, which means that the emails you’ll receive from her will be written by the book.
Teodora loves to read and when she doesn’t read books or articles, she reads her clients’ customers like an open book to make sure she best meets their demands. Her strong pleasure of travel won’t let her stay in one place, so when you can’t find her at the office, she’s probably admiring breathtaking views.
Some clients she is working for: JDE, Mondelez, Perrigo (previously Omega Pharma), L’Oreal, Sun Plaza, BAT.

Empathy 00%

Action Planning 00%

Open-Mindedness 00%

Enthusiasm 00%